Zoë's Dublin Diary: Hiatus Kaiyote, Cinco de Mayo, Rue, Prince and More

Wednesday, 4 May – Hiatus Kaiyote/Feather, 20:00, €20, Sugar Club

ChoiceCuts are bringing Grammy-nominated dreamweaver spirit-questers Hiatus Kaiyote over from Melbourne for a night of avant-garde soul, with support from Feather. Repurposing psychedelia and scat within polyrhythmic jazz, Nai Pal, Paul Bender, Simon Mavin and Perrin Moss have been showered in accolades, including 2013 Best Breakthrough Artist at Giles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards, The Age Music Victoria Best Emerging Artist, and their Grammy nomination for best R&B performance, which was as a result of their collaboration on a new version of “Nakamarra” with A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip. The Facebook event page is here. Online, tickets are sold out, but there will be 30-40 for sale at the door, first come, first served, according to ChoiceCuts.

Thursday, 5 May – Mariachi San Patricio play Cinco de Mayo, 20:00, €10, Grand Social

In Mexico, the holiday Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “5 May”) celebrates the David-and-Goliath-like Mexican victory over an invading French army at Puebla, in southern Mexico, in 1862. Broke Mexico had issued a two-year moratorium on repaying its foreign debts, and Britain, Spain and France had sent their navies to object, but only France had actually invaded – and its forces took a whipping (in this initial battle, at least). To celebrate giving foreign bondholders the finger then, get down to the Grand Social to hear this 10-piece mariachi band play songs of “love, loss and patriotism”, and to enjoy some Mexican food and beer.

Friday, 6 May – Prince: a Celebration with Purple Rain, 22:30, €10, Lighthouse Cinema

Prince’s death, at the age of only 57, doesn’t even come at a time when we’d stopped listening to, discussing, and generally being turned on by that kaleidoscopic maverick. His impact, like David Bowie’s, has been as wide-reaching as it has been personal. Hollywood Babylon give their own tribute this Friday in a screening of Purple Rain, with all proceeds going to the Musical Youth Foundation. Facebook event page here, and pick up tickets here.

Saturday, 7 May – Rue//Dowth, 21:00, Free, The Hut

You’ll find a cornucopia of tunes, songs, beats and drones at The Hut in Phibsboro this Saturday. Cormac Dermody (fiddle), Radie Peat (concertina and harmonium) and Brian Flanagan (five-string banjo) play Irish murder ballads and whaling songs, and Dowth play from their 2016 winter LP. More here.

Sunday, 8 May – Evolution, 20:00, €9, IFI

In 2004, Lucile Hadžihalilović released her directorial debut, Innocence, an unsettling body horror about a group of young women in a remote forest boarding school. Evolution continues in much the same vein, set on an otherworldly island where strange experiments are being carried out involving boys and starfish. More here.

Monday, 9 May – Natural History of Hope, 20:00, €15/12, Project Arts Centre

Performance artist Fiona Whelan is working in collaboration with Rialto Youth Project (“Policing Dialogues”) in collaboration with Brokentalkers to give visibility to testimonies involving class and gender inequality from hundreds of young women in the area. More on this live performance here.

Tuesday, 10 May – DubLUDO XXV, 18:30, Free, Wigwam

DubLUDO are back for their annual meet-up! The motley crew behind gamesdevelopers.ie gather each year to exchange thoughts on their projects, provide help to people looking to create games and test out their new material. If you’d like to get involved, meet some Irish devs or even just ask around for a coding course that will help you bring your work to life, you should come along. The Facebook page is here.

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Zoe Jellicoe: Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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