Zoë's Dublin Diary: Brittlefield, Repeater Day Party, and Paul McVeigh

Wednesday, 13 July Aideen Barry: Brittlefield, 11-19:00, Free, Royal Hibernian Academy

The RHA is hosting Aideen Barry’s first major solo show, running until 21 August. The Cork artist is known for her work in performance, sculpture and installation, with some of her most recent performative pieces made in response to Carol Rama’s works at IMMA. The RHA has commissioned an immersive installation from Aideen Barry, using her current film work, focusing on neuroses and obsessive behaviour, as its starting point. Barry uses space and architecture to respond to these behaviours, merging the media and the viewer. Further details here.

Thursday, 14 July Pieter Hugo: Thirteen works, 11-18:00, Free, Gallery of Photography

Three series of works from photographer Pieter Hugo are being shown at the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square: “The Hyena and Other Men”, “Nollywood” and “Permanent Error”. Hugo is known for his portraits, which blend documentary and art traditions in their exploration of identity in post-colonial Africa. In each series he takes a specific element of African cultural expression: “The Hyena and Other Men” looks at the myth of the “hyena men”, Nigeria’s liminal-space-inhabiting performing vagabonds; “Nollywood” uses a team of actors and assistants to interpret the Nigerian film industry and its myths and symbols. The exhibition has been organised in partnership with Belfast’s MAC. More here.

Friday, 15 July  The Enquiry at IMMA, 14:00, Free, IMMA

The Enquiry series, hosted by IMMA, is in association with the Graduate School for Creative Arts and Media. Research is presented through live performance and specially dedicated printed material. Inspired by Jean-François Lyotard conception of immateriality – that is, the digitisation of artistic and cultural practices, and the public’s changing perception of such art – The Enquiry begins in IMMA’s old bookshop and moves to the lecture room for screenings and presentations. The event is free, and no booking is required. The Facebook event page is here.

Saturday, 16 July  Repeater BYOB Day Party, 14:00, €5/7, The New Space (Rialto)

Record label and collective Repeater is hosting its second BYOB all-dayer at 41 St Anthony’s Road. Zines and T-shirts are on sale in the space, and there’ll be a whole rake of DJ sets from the Repeater gang, including Dream Cycles, Lumigraph, Melly and Sias. Art from Miles Really, Eva Richardson, Emma Conway, Bentley Allison, Niall Cullen, Gary Merrin and Coilin O’Connell. Detailed directions to the space are on the Facebook page: here.

Sunday, 17 July Gem Fest, 14:00, Free, The Bandstand in Phoenix Park

The Little Gem family are hosting an all-ages open-air concert at the bandstand in Phoenix Park this Sunday, with performances from Patrick Kelleher, Roslyn Steer, Fuzzy Hell and Cobra Truth. Check out some recent material from relevant Bandcamps here, here and here. Visit the Facebook event page here.

Monday, 18 July  InSight #4 Taquin & Jessie Keenan Dance, 20:00, €14/12, Smock Alley Theatre

Tonnta Music and the Irish Composers’ Collective have teamed up for InSight #4, hosting Taquin & Jessie Keenan Dance at the Smock Alley Theatre. The InSight series, which began in March of this year and runs until the end of the month, is a showcase of musical work and its visual representation. Choreographer Jessie Keenan has interpreted Irish percussion outfit Taquin’s five new musical works with the help of three dance performers: herself, Lucia Kickham and Marion Cronin. Taquin consists of Kate Ellis on cello, Nick Roth on saxophone and Francesco Turrisi for percussion. Facebook event page here, and more details here.

Tuesday, 19 July  Paul McVeigh in Conversation (Irish Times Book Club), 19:30, €4/6, Irish Writers’ Centre

Paul McVeigh, who is originally from Belfast, has enjoyed a varied career as a playwright and short-story writer, and released his debut novel, The Good Son, last year. His comedies have been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and his work has been translated into seven languages and adapted for both stage and radio. He’ll be speaking with Martin Doyle about his first novel, narrated by a young boy trying to explore his sexuality in the threatening world of 1980s Belfast. The Facebook event page is here and you can book a ticket here.

Editor’s Note: This is Zoë’s last column for us, as she’s moving to Berlin.

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Zoe Jellicoe: Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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