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Music at Marrowbone Books: Loah

Listen to musician Loah performing songs from her latest album, and also speaking to Martin Cook about dedicating herself to music, and collaborations, and what the immediate future looks like.

Why Do We Still Need a Licence to Dance?

"When you have regulation of the entertainment industry from 1935 it's definitely outdated," says Constantin Gurdgiev. “The social conditions which might have warranted the regulation no longer exist,” he says.

The Man Who Invented Christmas, Reviewed

This new film dramatises Charles Dickens's writing of A Christmas Carol in a style that's "silly and sincere all at once", writes Luke Maxwell. In it, Dublin does a fine job as a stand in for 1840s London.

Music at Marrowbone Books: Danny Diamond

In this first episode of our podcast "Music at Marrowbone Books", fiddle player Danny Diamond performs at the Dublin bookshop, and chats with Martin Cook in his studio about his music and life.