Pedestrian Crossin

"Mark’s halfway across when The Dude takes the corner goin at least 60. Which tells Mark that The Dude either . . ." A new short story from poet, author and editor Dave Lordan.

The Dubliner

When a young Silicon Docks worker finds himself in possession of a homeless man's ragged Lidl bag, it triggers a series of events that lead him to see Dublin in a new light.

Phoenix Park

As a young man recovers in a Dublin hospital after a fight, he starts to develop some new interests.

The Deep Blue

In a Dublin launderette, a young mother sits with a ball of baby-grows and bibs at her feet when a man in a rumpled Superman costume stumbles through the door.

Special Development Zone

In the outskirts of post-Celtic-Tiger Dublin, a single father drifts through the days, unable to find work, unsure of the future.