Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Anthony Flynn


Build public housing on zoned public lands led by local authorities. There is enough land to build 114,000 homes in Dublin. Increase supply by enforcement of CPOs on empty properties in Dublin owned by investment groups, not family-owned. Have a set time frame to turn around council properties that have been vacated.


Cap rents while we are in the middle of a housing emergency. Set affordable rents as a realistic percentage of income. Increase security of tenure for all tenants in rental accommodation.


Implement a Housing First policy offering six-month beds with on-site wrap-around supports for rough sleepers. Eliminate overnight hostels. Enforce CPOs to take families from emergency accommodation into proper homes. Cap rents and enforce a better security of tenure for tenants. Ban the sale of mortgages, performing and non-performing, to vulture funds. Expand the Mortgage to Rent scheme to include people that aren’t eligible for social housing. Build public housing, local authority-led, on available zoned land. Build communities.


Enforce CPOs on properties and lands owned by profit-driven investment firms. Louth County Council is leading the way with over 100 CPOs already enforced. An estimated 30,000 properties are vacant and could be brought back online to home families. As land value increases 12 percent per year, investment firms are sitting on properties to maximise profits and this needs to be addressed.


Increase the number of buses on the busiest commuter routes to avoid overcrowding. Address anti-social behaviour on buses, Luas and trains by increasing security and rolling out an option to text in real-time reports of incidents in transit similar to Luas. Extend train services to suburbs currently only serviced by bus to reduce road traffic and times of journeys.


Improve safety measures for cyclists across the city with increased campaigns and safety training for public-service drivers. Review cycle lanes on the busiest roads and junctions in the city centre and address congestion issues during peak hours.


Carbon taxing homes is not the solution to climate change and is only taxing families when it’s big companies, oil and gas companies for example, that should be taxed over carbon. We need to look at phasing out all fossil fuels and encourage investment in renewable energy sources.


Increase surveillance and fines in the areas where dumping is most prevalent. Arrange special collections for items that cannot go out in regular bins or recycling bins. Mattresses, pillows, electrical items and other household items could be collected once per quarter to reduce the dumping of these items. Provide more specialised bins in parks and walk ways for dog poo and staff regularly on patrol to enforce fines. Increase awareness of the issue with targeted media and social-media campaigns and talks in schools to educate the future generations.


Use existing landbanks and vacant unused sites to convert into public green areas. Safe zones for families to walk, children to play and central to community life.


Use empty spaces around local communities and convert them into family-friendly safe areas where children can play without fear. Revamp all childrens' playgrounds and green areas around Dublin city. Increase Garda patrols around existing playgrounds where drug dealing and anti-social behaviour currently prevents locals from utilising the facilities.

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