Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Donna Cooney

Green Party candidate for Clontarf

Build cost-rental high-quality homes, providing homes for all as a service and need rather then as a commodity. Similar to the Vienna model. Rent will be means tested and rents will pay back the money borrowed by state or local authorities. This then is cost-neutral.


The state, local authorities and cooperatives building housing and renting will bring down rents


I've long been a housing activist and been campaigning for homes for all. I have even taken direct action due to frustration with inaction of the housing crisis.


I'm on the record campaigning for this. The Green Party want a higher penalty for vacant sites and houses with a higher vacant site and vacant building tax. We have earmarked vacant sites and buildings for cost-rental homes.


I support the climate change report, with 60 percent of the transport budget on public transport and 20 percent on cycling.


I'm a cyclist, a cycling advocate and an elected member of the Dublin Cycling Campaign. I campaigned sucessfully for an improved cycleway plan for Clontarf. I work to increase cycling for all ages and for women, who are a minority in the cycling community, through my #Freedommachine initiative. I'm giving an oral presentation at the Dublin Velo-City conference on gender and cycling.


I'm a climate change activist for many years. I've held many actions over 20 years, climate film nights, and public meetings. I have campaigned to divest from fossil fuel to keep it in the ground. I myself live by my words and have a very small carbon footprint. I believe we have solutions to climate change and can build fairer resilient communities.


I campaigned for poo scoopers on the promenade. I'm lucky to have a dog friend and clean up after her on our walks together. I clean the streets and parks as I run Friends of Fairview Park clean-ups. I organise regular clean-ups. Also, we need to tackle waste at source. I help at Sick of Plastic events. Reduce and eliminate packaging especially plastic waste. More recycling and collection of bulky household waste. Reduce waste with Repair Cafes, which I've run in my community, and upcycling.


We need pocket parks in higher-density housing. Urban parks dotted about as little oases, with play areas and places to sit and chat with neighbours of all ages. Table tennis, games tables, and exercise equipment bring fun and play into our communities.


I believe passionately in protecting public places, both outdoors and indoor spaces that can be lovely environments to be in. This is so necessary for our health and well-being. As a former councillor, I rezoned land to Z9 to protect it for development as community spaces and listed buildings used by communities. Also grants to rejuvenate community spaces.

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