Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Kevin Donoghue


I want to ensure that DCC delivers both traditional social housing and affordable publicly-built homes for rent to a wider range of people. There are needs to be greater opportunity for affordable home ownership. I would like to see the units at the Irish Glass Bottle site fast tracked as well. In addition to that I would like to work with residents and groups around the delivery of cooperative housing.


We need to make sure that the new legislation around short term lets is being enforced, and that the relevant bodies have funding to do so. In addition to that new developments of affordable housing should be a combination of affordable purchase and affordable rental. We should also prioritise the development of affordable quality housing over offices or hotels. I would also like to see stronger rights and protections for renters that are already in place. The precarious nature of renting doesn’t get the coverage it needs.


We need to deliver more housing first and foremost. Specifically we need to see more housing delivered by the state. Market based solutions only serve the wealthiest people and don’t play a major role in actually addressing the crisis. I would work with councillors and relevant agencies to improve the services that are already in place. This requires a series of policies


The vacant sites levy could and should be higher. If it is going to have an impact it needs to have teeth. I would support measures that encourage the development of sites and properties


I would insist that all city development plans fully integrate improvements for infrastructure for public transport, cycling and walking. I would fight for sustainable public transport and infrastructure. We also need to be willing to properly subsidise public transport.


We should commit to a minimum level of investment into cycling and cycling infrastructure. There should also be a dedicated cycling office in Dublin City Council. I would actively support the development of new infrastructure for cyclists.


I would seek the implementation of practical actions to reduce Dublin’s greenhouse gas emissions through local Climate Action Funds. I would seek to establish a retrofitting programme for council homes and buildings. I would also like to prioritise public transport and cycling.


I would lobby to increase funding for a new Community Warden role to be a familiar face in every area, keeping an eye out for dumping, dog fouling, and graffiti, with the power to issue fines. Campaign for zero tolerance on dog fouling and introduce “brown zones” for streets and roads where persistent offending occurs.


I would work to improve existing spaces and seek, where possible, to acquire new spaces for public use.


Increasing the number of public spaces will be an important part of the work of the next council. The plaza at College Green is something I am supportive of and would work to see that advanced. I would also prefer that council land be developed for public use rather than being sold.

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