Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Marcin Czechowicz


Invest in quick and easy-to-build modular housing projects which would also be cheaper and more affordable. Support social-housing proposals that come before Dublin City Council with the realistic time-frame of completion and low costs of building. Enforcing compulsory purchase orders (after some specified time-frame) but only from the vulture funds and investment groups who are just “sitting on a land” and waiting for its value to increase.


Change the cap on the possible rent increases from 4 percent to 2 percent per year. Establish the upper-limits of the rents for different types of houses and apartments that can only increase together with the income increases along with the national minimum wage increases and the inflation.


Again, build more quick modular houses and additionally set aside the good percentage of them to be available only for homeless people for free while the rest of the modular houses can be let by local authorities to the people with the social-housing needs on the Mortgage to Rent scheme. If the needs of homeless are satisfied first then invest in proper public housing (which might be more time- and resources-consuming) in the following years.


Introduce the vacant property levy after some specified period of inactivity. Support local authorities in acquisition of the derelict properties.


Increase the bus and Luas services as well as invest in the alternative public transport like electric cars hire, bicycles for hire, and maybe in the future also the electric bicycles and e-scooters which could also be easy to let via the phone app and/or the Leap Card.


Increase in the bicycle lanes and make them also available for the e-scooters in order to avoid the e-scooters riding on the pavements and posing the danger to pedestrians.


Switch to electric cars/bicycles/e-scooters and increase the installation of the home solar panels and other renewable energy technologies.


Increase the number of the special bins for dog litter next to the regular bins on the streets and in the parks. Increase number of the street-cleaning services with the special equipment/cleaning machines. Educate people on the issue via public ads like the ones for binning the gum at the bus stops.


Increase the conversion of unused public spaces into the parks and planting more trees around the city.


Invest in the creation of the recreational parks. Build some kind of the small concert halls in the bigger parks in order to make them more attractive for visitors – not only during the summertime but also during the less favourable weather conditions.

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