Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Ruairi McGinley


Support social-housing proposals that come before Dublin City Council as I have done for past five years. I have proposed a number of the housing proposals and spoken in support. Encourage new build as the most sustainable response rather than HAP or voids as has been government policy.


Increase housing supply as number one item. Support limits on increases in private-market rents given that affordability limits have been breached. Seek to develop affordable-housing models similar to other European cities.


Increase housing supply, support measures to stabilise rental market to stop the inflow into homelessness, increase social housing supply, move to end family homelessness in particular using all possible measures.


Make vacant property levy which I was involved in initiating back in 2013 bite. Support Dublin City Council in seeking to acquire derelict properties.


Support additional bus priority measures such as bus gate. Ensure Luas system operations are maximised.


Support various significant projects which are now underway in city in 2019. Seek to ensure that Dodder Greenway is commenced.


Support energy efficiency measures in Dublin City Council's housing stock. Advance the measures in the council Climate Change Strategy recently adopted. Support modal shift to walking/cycling. Support electric vehicle usage.


Support education measures, additional enforcement resources and increased street-cleansing staff.


Dublin has a good range of public parks – there will be a limited number of opportunities to add to public aspect of green spaces which I will support.


There are opportunities for more civic spaces in the city, College Green Plaza being the most prominent example. Avoid the gating of open spaces. Invest in recreational uses of public spaces.

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