Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Simon Cox

Independent candidate for Pembroke

In a modern and prosperous society like Ireland, and more specifically Dublin, housing should be a basic right for all. How this is delivered is another question. Dublin City Council needs to be actively fast-tracking derelict sites around the city is order to meet the shortfall in supply. I would aim to put motions forward to fast-track this process.


Rent pressure zones have made little impact on the affordability in Dublin. The issue is supply and the quicker this is addressed the more affordable rent will become. I would aim to speed up the processes for fast-tracking applications plans.


For me, homelessness is unacceptable in 2019. Cross-agency work needs to happen in order to make sure no one finds themselves in this situation. Linking back to supply we need to make sure no one finds themselves without a roof over their head.


Dublin City Council needs to take a more aggressive and proactive stance with regards derelict and vacant properties and sites. I would aim to give the council greater powers with regard to taking control of vacant sites.


Although public transport in Dublin has improved dramatically over the past 20 years we still have a long way to go. A rail link between the city and airport is still not in place after all these years of discussions and planning. For a European capital city we are lagging behind our neighbors. I would be in favor of the revised MetroLink plan from the city centre going ahead as soon as possible.


I cycle to work every day and this is an area I am particularly passionate about. Expanding the hugely successful Dublinbikes scheme to other areas of the city and suburbs such as Ballsbridge needs to be a top priority. We also need to significantly invest in cycling infrastructure around the city. There is a need for designated bike lanes to make cycling in the city safer and stop this "driver" vs "cyclist" tension.


We need to address climate change on a community level in order to make a real difference. This May I am trying to set an example and going poster-free (plastic-free) for the 2019 local elections. I would also strongly encourage other candidates to abstain from the use of single-use plastics. We must be the change we seek, and align the green agenda with our actions by going poster-free.


Taking pride in our community can play a major role in this. I am part of the green campus in my workplace and am passionate about trying to get the wider community involved. Community involvement is so important and the more awareness people have the more progress will be made. I want to see everybody play an active role, not just the council.


I plan on putting together active citizenship schemes such as community-garden projects that will increase the opportunities for everyone to play an engaging role in the community and enjoy the fantastic parks and green spaces we have in Dublin.


Public spaces are what facilitate the creation of social capital. I see protecting them from privatization as a fundamental role within Dublin City Council.

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