Comment of the Week #2, Illustrated

Editor’s Note: On a regular basis, we’ll choose a comment from a reader, from our website or Facebook page, and persuade one of Dublin’s finest talents to illustrate it. Here’s the second one. 

The Commenter

Stephen on Frank: The Seagull Plague

“Hate them! And they are everywhere. It’s a function of our destruction of habitats however. Look at the average garden and how few small garden birds there are. Even sparrows. There’s hardly anywhere for them to live due to loss if trees and manicured lawns or worse concrete yards. All you get now [are] gulls and magpies.”

The Illustrator

Layli Foroudi is a writer and illustrator based in Dublin. She also dabbles in translation and language tuition. You can find her short fictional sketches and illustrations on her website here.

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Layli Foroudi: Layli Foroudi is a general assignment reporter for Dublin Inquirer.

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