Zoë’s Dublin Diary: What to Do This Week

Wednesday, 25 November – Love, Irish Film Institute, €10, 13:00/18:30

Gaspar Noé’s meditation on the struggle to combine sexual compatibility and meaningful romantic love looks surprisingly dulcet for the well-established enfant terrible of French-language film. Hungover Murphy (Karl Glusman) wakes up to a voicemail from his estranged ex-girlfriend Electra’s (Aomi Muyock) mother Electra on New Year’s Day, launching him into a reminiscence of the unravelling of their relationship. Details here.

Image Courtesy of Homebeat.

Thursday, 26 November – Homebeat #21: Participant EP launch, North Circular Road, BYOB & BYOC(ushion), Free, 20:30

Homebeat are going back to their roots with Participant’s new EP launch this Thursday. With promoters stumbling over themselves to source ever-more-innovative, ever-glitzier spaces, the humble living-room gig has a special appeal. While the charm of Dublin’s revolving door of pop-up spaces is often in their ramshackle authenticity, the living-room concert can abstain from the rat race completely. Stephen Tiernan debuted his first EP last September, and his follow-up builds upon the same delicately textured singer-songwriter sincerity. More details here.

Friday, 27 November – Frontleft: Kyoka, Tengu, €10, 22:00

Kyoka is a Japanese producer dividing her time between Berlin and Tokyo, with three experimental glitch records that borrow from jazz, industrial, ambient and pop. Her sound has developed from playful electronica to delectable svelte industrial with a harder edge. While studying economics in Tokyo, Kyoka bought a Roland MC-505, and recorded a set of tracks that would be released on the Onpa label. She has collaborated with members of the Raster-Noton family like Byetone and Alva Noto’s Diamond Version’s 2014 release. She’ll playing alongside audiovisualist Sinead Meaney, musician Niamh de Barra and DJ Joni. More details here.

Saturday, 28 November – Show & Tell: Creative Conference & Christmas Fair, Smock Alley Theatre, €12 per session/€30 full day, 12:00

I’m about to be ever-so-slightly (no, monstrously) biased, but creative conferences with stellar lineups at affordable prices don’t happen every day. I believe this may, in fact, be Ireland’s first. Show & Tell is a new Hunt & Gather venture looking at honest, first-hand experiences with creative business ventures in Dublin. The day will comprise of talks and panel sessions curated by Made It, Totally Dublin and Le Cool, in which entrepreneurs will be relating their failures and successes, and giving the low-down on navigating the support systems and using the tools available to get your ventures off the ground. There’ll also be an ongoing fair showcasing new Irish design with ne’er a kitschy felt hat in sight. Details here and here.

Sunday, 29 November – Palestinian Culture Night, New Theatre, Free, 18:00

Palestinian food, music, poetry and prose will accompany a screening of Annemarie Jacir’s film When I Saw You, to celebrate the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The New Theatre will also host an exhibition of posters from the archives of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign for the evening. Details here.

Untitled by Liliane Tomasko. Courtesy of Kerlin Gallery.

Monday, 30 November  Beck’s Rhythm Series: Thundercat, Sugar Club, 19:30

Thundercat’s emotionally charged release earlier this year has been prophetic, alongside Flying Lotus’s most recent masterpiece, of the incredible return of jazz-inspired cosmic g-funk that has been gracing the airwaves. Stephen Bruner’s The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam is an aural rendering of his own confrontation with mortality, heartache and racial injustice, all put to his trademark harmonious groove. His Sunday show sold out fairly rapidly, and it would be unsurprising were this to do the same. Tickets here, Facebook page here.

Tuesday, 1 December  Liliane Tomasko, Sense, Kerlin Gallery

With an opening reception on Friday, Kerlin are hosting their new winter show, Liliane Tomasko’s “Sense”. Tomasko’s new work deconstructs everyday objects by examining their shape and materiality and, implicitly, their human connection and emotional significance. She generates this questioning of the domestic sphere through sculpture, painting and photography, through an approach that has steadily deepened in intensity and zoned in on her subjects. Her exhibition is accompanied by an essay from Sue Hubbard. Details here.

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Zoe Jellicoe: Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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