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Our world is growing smaller and today there are more interracial and intercontinental marriages than ever before. The governments of the world should consolidate their systems to allow every married citizen to have the right to bring their spouse home to their county of origin.

At the moment, getting a visa for a spouse can be like twisting your arm. You are mired in red tape and expected to jump through endless hoops. Are we not aiming to eradicate tensions? Aren’t interracial and international marriages the best examples of living in harmony? Why then does the government work so hard to discourage this?

An illustrator, designer and hand-letterer, I develop and design conceptual illustrations for advertising campaigns, products, packaging, editorial, children’s books and one-off commissions from around the world. My style is influenced by contemporary culture and rooted in my love of music, comics, tattoos and street art.

I love telling stories, and my compositions focus on a strong use of whacky characters intermingled with typography and patterns. My aim is to bring people together through the stories embedded in my illustrations. You can find my work on Instagram @whackochacko or on my website

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