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Music at Marrowbone Books: No Monster Club

Bobby Aherne says in his younger years he was against the idea of being in a band. It seemed stupid and he was shy. Embarrassed, even.

But he wrote some songs anonymously, loaded them up to MySpace, and gigs and albums followed.

He took the name No Monster Club from an old folk legend, he tells Martin Cook in this episode of the Music at Marrowbone Books podcast.

The legend was “about the London Monster, this creep, who used to go around harassing people”. People formed a group to stop him.

Aherne’s songs usually come from fragments of tunes. If you spot him on the street, and he looks like he is on the phone, he might just be humming and making a recording, he says. “There are hundreds if not thousands of them on my phone.”

Martin Cook portrait
Martin Cook

Martin's substantive career was in civil engineering, specialising in the field of traffic and transportation. Currently, he is attached to Dublin City FM, and works as a freelance broadcast journalist. He is continuously striving to ignore alien orders.



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