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T his month’s cover focuses on the idea that people are watching the world through their phones, and from that perspective it seems to always be in flames. News about the dangers of the world is delivered to us daily, while the world has never been less violent and more safe than it is now. When we look up from the screen, there’s usually a blue sky waiting for us.

We live in the most peaceful, prosperous, positive time in human history, but we don’t really feel that way. Progress is sometimes hard to see but if you take almost any bad thing and put it on a graph, they are all decreasing. Measures of world hunger, child deaths, legal slavery, nuclear arms, deaths in war, extreme poverty, violent crime, percentage of girls in school worldwide and immunisation have all gotten so much better over the last 10, 20, 50, 100 years. Yes, things are still bad, but getting better.

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