Comment of the Week #1, Illustrated

Editor’s Note: On a regular basis, we’ll choose a comment from a reader, from our website or Facebook page, and persuade one of Dublin’s finest talents to illustrate it. Here’s the first one. 

The Commenter

Daragh on Frank: This City Is Filthy

“I live in Rathmines, right by the canal, and the amount of litter left around the canal each day is disgusting. On a sunny day the canal resembles a dump. People have no trouble dumping their little into the canal either. Wine bottles, beer bottles, plastic bags etc can all be found floating around the canal at any time. We’re a disgrace. And the council never seems to clean it up – it being left to local people to do it themselves (nothing wrong with local people getting involved, civic duty and pride is amazing to see, but we pay enough taxes and rates for the council to provide a better cleaning service).”

The Illustrator

Karen Vaughan is a Dublin-based illustrator and designer with a particular love for pen and ink. Much of her work is decorative and detailed, inspired by old folk tales and patterns from nature. You can see more of here work here on her website:

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Karen Vaughan: Karen is an illustrator and designer from Tallaght with a particular love for pen and ink. Visit her website at

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