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T his image is a pastiche of the popular touristic “Doors of Dublin” poster and postcard, substituting the polished, colourful Georgian doors with a sight currently all too common in Dublin: dilapidated and boarded-up doorways, indicating vacant or rundown properties, alongside tents and makeshift dwellings occupied by those desperately in need of a home. I hope the image speaks volumes about the current situation in Dublin.

I am a photographer mainly interested in people: their behaviour, interactions, impact on the planet and upon each other, or what is generally referred to as “the Human Condition”. You can see more of my work on my instagram account:

[CORRECTION: This image and text was updated on 15 May at 16:00. An earlier image of the door in the top right corner was not of a vacant or rundown property. We apologise for the error and any upset caused.]

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Graham Martin: Graham is a photographer. You can follow him on Instagram at

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