Event: Europe’s Policies at Its Southern Borders

In August 2018, Sally Hayden received a Facebook message. “Hi sister Sally, we need your help”, it read. “We are under bad condition in Libya prison. If you have time, I will tell you all the story.”

More messages followed, stories of enslavement and trafficking, torture and murder, tuberculosis and sexual abuse – all from people incarcerated as a direct result of European policy.

As Hayden has worked to highlight these stories in My Fourth Time, We Drowned, so too has the Ocean Outlaw Project. A recent in-depth piece, published in the New Yorker, follows the story of Aliou Candé, one of those ensnared in Europe’s shadow immigration system.

A climate migrant from Guinea Bissau trying to reach Europe via Libya by crossing the Mediterranean in a raft, Candé was captured and killed by a guard in one of Libya’s most brutal prisons.

Join us for a conversation with journalist Sally Hayden, and the Ocean Outlaw Project’s OSI Editor Joe Galvin to talk in more detail about what they have learnt, how they went about their reporting, and what we really should know about Europe’s policies at its southern borders.

At Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin 2, from 7.30pm, Thursday, 9 June. RSVP: [email protected]


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Shamim Malekmian: Shamim Malekmian covers the immigration beat for Dublin Inquirer. Reach her at [email protected]

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