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I took up roller derby in 2021 as soon as Dublin Roller Derby began practising again after the pandemic break.

I had never skated at all before last summer, and I give rollerskates a lot of credit for my final steps (or glides) towards conquering a life-long fear of both wheeled travelling conveyances and team sports. I now have a driving licence and cycle every day too, which was hard to imagine before.

As a hobby, derby has it all: skill, speed, lots of supportive queer folks, enough bruises to let you know you’re alive, and punny nicknames for days. My illustration hopefully captures the rush and chaos you feel when playing, along with all the new vocabulary you need to learn.

My name is Kat Foyle (or Enda Rats on the derby track!) and I make art for money and for fun. Some of it moves! Some of it is scary! I’m particularly interested in comics and video games. You can find more of my work at my website or more frequent updates on Instagram @comicfoyle.

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